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The Mystical Tantric Talisman

April 11, 2008

Our world is full of simple, abstract symbols that hold meaning. Gazing upon a heart, for example, we think of love, and a round circle with three lines inside is recognized as the universal message for peace. In the west, advertising images are so powerful that just a simple “swish” conjures up a certain brand of athletic wear. Spiritual traditions have long known the impact of our visual environment, relying on images to make us turn inwards. Thousands of years ago in India diagrams called “yantras” were drawn on temple walls to imbue the space with energy, give aspirants a focal point for meditation, and help people raise their vibration. Yantras were also etched on metal or created with flowers, colorful powders, herbs and spices. Although anyone can draw a yantra, creating a yantra for worship is a ritualistic procedure involving Sanskrit chanting and intention to bring life to the form, making it more than a work of art. One of the most fascinating combinations of yantra and mantra may be found in the Tantric Talisman of India, a mystical spiritual tool for personal growth and transformation.

The Tantric Talisman uses precise formulas of yantras and mantras, which are engraved for the recipient and encapsulated in a small container. Where yantra involves the use of sacred symbols and mantra the use of sacred sound, “tantra” is the science of moving energy through prayer, focus and visualization. When a trained spiritual teacher combines these three energies the Talisman emerges, to activate positive movement, alter unfavorable energies, and protect the recipient. Basically the Tantric Talisman may be regarded as an energetic device that shifts conditions, causing profound positive change for a person or situation.

In India, select spiritual teachers learn the ancient craft of creating the Tantric Talisman, a technique that is passed down through many generations. The Talisman is comprised of a small tube of five precious metals and a metallic scroll. First the teacher sits in meditation, working with a recipient’s name, date of birth, desires and any obstacles that person may be experiencing. Then the teacher energizes the scroll by reciting Sanskrit mantras and blessings and by engraving powerful prayers and symbols on the scroll, which is rolled up and sealed within the cylinder. The completed Talisman is placed on an altar where the teacher meditates with it for a few days, imbuing the Talisman with hidden powers.

When the Talisman is ready, it is given to the recipient to be worn as a pendant, carried in a small pouch, or placed at home in a special place. The Talisman magnetizes to the recipient the graces needed to help fulfill Divine Will, dissolve ill karma, and bring happiness and fulfillment. Like a magical amulet, the Talisman works in conjunction with the recipient’s powers of manifestation and the co-creative energies of the Divine, helping remove negative influences so people may achieve prosperity, loving relationships, good health, spiritual endeavors, and direction in life, amongst other goals.

The art of creating a Talisman is not only unique in the West but also somewhat rare in India, where today few individuals are trained in this ancient knowledge and craft for several reasons. First, many of the healing methods are written in Sanskrit and etched on palm leaf scrolls, which are only available to those who read Sanskrit and who are allowed access to these scrolls. Second, spiritual teachers may not find worthy students to learn the process of creating the Talisman so the techniques are not passed on to younger generations as readily. Therefore, the Tantric Talisman is becoming both uncommon and prized as well, due to its rarity.

Traveling through India one will still see people wearing these sacred gifts around their necks on silk cords or chains, personal, private totems of each individual’s unique path. Even babies and animals wear tiny Talisman to protect them and surround them with love. Hopefully as the world embraces yoga in all its facets, the Talisman craft will be passed on to its proper custodians, who will honor this sacred tradition, keeping it alive for many more years to come.

Psychic Palmist of India Professor Sasi is one of the few individuals on the planet today who was trained in India in the craft of making the Tantric Talisman. For more info, please contact Professor Sasi at or 310-842-6087