Palmistry & Personal Growth

Many people ask me how palmistry can help them in their life. Is it really true that the lines of the hands hold significance? How can the shapes of the fingers have meaning? Do the lines ever change? Actually all of these factors have specific answers and applications to real life. In fact, palmistry is actually a time-tested art, science, craft and philosophy from India, dating back thousands of years. It works because the proof is in the pudding! That is, a trained palmist does not really need to explain to a client why palmistry works–through the palmist’s insights, predictions, and energies, a client actually sees that palmistry is both a highly accurate and fascinating discipline which may help guide a person to manifest his/her highest potential in life.

I began studying palmistry when I was a little boy growing up in South India. My father was one of the world’s most learned and accomplished psychic palmists as well as a respected spiritual teacher. To me he served as my best friend, philosopher and guide, and I will be forever grateful to him for his teachings and wisdom. Although my father never traveled far beyond his own village, thousands of people sought out his guidance from far away. In our home we hosted famous people, politicians, and dignitaries who visited my father to benefit from his psychic insights and special counseling. Ordinary people from all walks of life also came to see him on a regular basis as well. All clients were treated with the same respect and care, no matter what their status in the world.

As a small child I practiced meditation and focusing with my father. He took me to renowned mystics where I was fortunate to witness many so-called “miraculous” events. I saw people healed of difficult ailments through unusual or metaphysical means that were inexplicable on a practical level. I even saw some masters manifest things out of thin air. In India, many evolved beings have what are termed “siddhis” or advanced powers that enable them to do profound feats which seem to bypass the laws of the natural universe. But, despite many of the amazing things I witnessed, my father also kept me grounded, humble and realistic. He reminded me that special powers exist within all of us and it is our challenge to hone the skills. His job (and mine today) was to help people tap into their hidden powers for manifestation, success, and happiness. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I help ordinary people do extraordinary things! I consider it to be my privilege, calling, and duty.

When I was old enough to study palmistry, my father took me along as a silent observer to many people and places. I watched as he read the hands of priests and nuns, and I would see what was in their palms that led them to embrace a religious life. Other times we visited convicts, and as my father counseled them, I was able to see why they had turned to crime. All of these palms became etched in my mind, each one offering insights and clues. To me the palms began to look like ancient maps and I felt like I was determining past voyages and deciphering present routes for change, success, joy, and healing. What was the best freeway to take to manifesting happiness? In time, I began to see the path emerge clearly in someone’s palm. What was the route to material success? That looked like a different freeway. And in each palm I found that although the answers were different, many of the questions were the same. It became my mission to interpret and analyze what I was seeing and ultimately to point people in a positive direction.

In addition to interpreting someone’s past choices, part of palmistry involves counseling a person to shape a powerful future. Each person comes to the earth with a unique purpose to fulfill, and it is the palmist’s role to help determine that path and guide the individual towards the abilities, gifts and opportunities which will help them manifest their highest potential. In general the left hand represents the blueprint for one’s life, while the right hand represents present and future tendencies. A small portion of life is what we would call “predetermined,” while the rest of it is to be created. Interestingly, the lines on the hands change as the life changes, and the life changes as the lines change. So the lines and life choices are inter-connected.

Another part of palmistry that cannot really be completely learned is the psychic aspect. It is fairly easy to pick up a book on palmistry and discern which are the major lines. Interpreting them psychically represents a much more delicate and complicated process. This is something which is either present in the practitioner or not. Although some psychic awareness can be honed, to a large degree psychic abilities are predestined. In my family, there are four children, for instance, but my father discerned when we were little that I was the one who had inherited the psychic gifts. Therefore, I was the child who was trained in psychic palmistry as some of the natural predisposition to the intuitive arts was already present in me. The wonderful thing about my father’s style of teaching me was that he wished for me to be have formal schooling (”The more education, the better,” my father felt) so I earned various degrees in regular universities, in addition to my work in psychic palmistry and the healing arts. This schooling helped me become a well-rounded person and amplified my abilities to counsel people of different backgrounds.

It is difficult to speak about palmistry briefly, because for me the subject is fairly endless. Just as no two lives are alike, neither are two palms alike. My purpose is to give people clues as to their potentialities, skills and talents so that they are in a better position to not only handle life but to master their destiny and fulfill their dreams. When an athlete trains for a sports event, he/she becomes highly charged with positive energy. When a musician practices for hours on end, the concert represents the culmination of that practice. I regard a psychic palmistry consultation as my time to impart specific wisdom and unique insights, so that, like a highly accomplished athlete about to run a race or musician about to perform, the client becomes renewed with energy, ready to grasp and celebrate life.

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